Secrets of meat frozen

If you want to make a delicious dish of meat, it will better to use a fresh product. By the way fresh meat contains the greatest amount of useful vitamins, minerals and trace elements. However, the opportunity to visit the market does not always appear. In this case, the prudent hostesses keep some pieces of meat in the freezer. If you want to make a tasteless dish, the meat must be properly frozen. This process involves several basic steps. Of course, you need a best chest freezer with competent home freezing it is possible to achieve optimal preservation of valuable nutrients in the product.

Preparing the freezer

First, prepare the freezer, or rather a specific place for freezing meat. For this action, it is important to free a place with a low temperature from already stored products in about 4-5 hours before putting meat there. It is also important to activate the freezing mode.

Pretreatment of meat

It is better not to wash the meat before freezing, because this reduces the shelf life of the meat.Meat should be sorted into by-products. They have different storage times, and therefore meat can deteriorate. It is better when products are colder. Therefore, before freezing, it takes several hours to hold them in the refrigerator.The fundamental error of freezing at home is the size of the piece. Since the freezing of a large piece takes place very slowly and in stages, it is more likely that the structure of the meat will changes, as a result it will lose its juiciness. In order to save space and preserve the freshness of meat, it is recommended to divide it into several small pieces based on one cooking. Moreover, freezing meat in small pieces ensures a uniform and rapid freezing. In addition, when meat is fre-frozen, the meat loses vitamins and valuable substances, leaving only dietary fiber. It becomes hard and gets a musty smell.

The bird can be frozen as a whole, and divided into parts. The only thing you need to take care of is getting the liver and offal. They must be frozen separately.If you bought minced meat, divide it into small portions of 300 g, spread in bags, squeeze out the air and keep them in thin layers. Frozen meat minced in this way can be defrosted quickly enough, and its storage will be more compact.

Before you send the meat to the freezer, wrap it in parchment paper or food pocket. Then put a portion of meat in a sealed plastic bag, squeezing all the air out of the bag. You can seal the bag with an iron or tie it to prevent air from getting to the product.Everything placed in the freezer should be labeled, indicating the product and the date of freezing. You can put a note in the package with a date of freezing or a sticker. Frozen food is best laid rather tightly – this will better keeping the temperature.

If your freezer has a fast-freeze mode down to -24 ° C, this will greatly facilitate the process. Products at this temperature freeze very quickly, which allows you to save the most amount of nutrients. If there is no such mode, store the frozen meat no less than at -18 ° C.

The beef can be stored for up to 10 months, lamb – about 6 months, and pork – about 8 months.The carcass of bird can be kept for up to one year, but chopped birds should be kept in the freezer for no longer than 9 months.Minced meat and offal can be stored at home no more than one month. Fatty meat and pure fat are stored no more than 4 months.

Keep in mind that the temperature that was initially frozen by the product should be maintained throughout the entire shelf life of the product, without raising or lowering.
Observing such simple rules, you can save tasty and useful meat for cooking your favorite dishes